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Stanford Student Team Places 2nd in WRCCDC Invitational

Stanford's network defenders in action at the WRCCDC virtual invitationals

Alex Keller, Stanford

This past weekend, a team of Stanford students put together by the Applied Cybersecurity student group resisted persistent hackers for two and a half hours--and are coming back for more. The students were taking part in the WRCCDC Invitational (Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition - and were "guardedly pleased" to have withstood the relentless Red Team offensive pressure until 1PM (2.5 hours after the start); the team received a 2nd place tie in the “Business Operations” category, and are moving forward in the competition.

Stanford's team includes: Albert Liang, Arthur Tsang, Brad Girardeau, Paul Crews, Kate Stowell, Mike Precup, Nick Hershey, Priyanka Sekhar, and Travis Lanham. John Gerth (Stanford CS/EE staff security lead) and Alex Keller (Systems Admin and Security Lead, Stanford School of Engineering) provided coaching and logistical support. Congratulations to the team!

The Stanford WRCCDC team