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Stanford Blockchain Conference 2019

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January 30th - February 1st 2019, Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University

This conference will explore the use of formal methods, empirical analysis, and risk modeling to better understand security and systemic risk in blockchain protocols. We aim to foster multidisciplinary collaboration among practitioners and researchers in blockchain protocols, distributed systems, cryptography, computer security, and risk management. The talks and papers from the previous event in this conference series (formerly known as BPASE) are available here: 20172018.

Conference Dates: January 30 - February 1, 2019

Venue:  McCaw Hall, Arrillaga Alumni Center (326 Galvez St), Stanford University. Map


Important dates:
* Submissions close: October 16th, 2018
* Notifications: December 1st, 2018

* Conference:  Jan. 30 - Feb 1, 2019 (three days)

Program Chairs: 

Dan Boneh (Stanford)

Benedikt Bünz (Stanford)

General Chairs:

Allison Berke (Stanford)

Byron Gibson (Consultant)

Program Committee: 

Shashank Agrawal (Visa)

Joseph Bonneau (NYU)

Ethan Buchman (Tendermint)

Suhabe Bugrara (Consensys)

Philip Daian (Cornell University)

Angelo de Caro (IBM)

Tadge Dryja (MIT DCI)

Ben Fisch (Stanford)

Arthur Gervais (Imperial College London)

Alex Leishman (Polychain Capital)

Jonathan Levi (Hacera)

Zaki Manian (Cosmos, Trusted-IoT)

Mahnush Movahedi (Dfinity)

Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream)

Jeremy Rubin (Interstellar)

abhi shelat (Northeastern)

Yonatan Sompolinsky (DagLabs)

Peter Todd

Pieter Wuille (Blockstream)

Cathie Yun (Interstellar)