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Friday Cyber News - May 31, 2019

Lessons learned from securing Congressional campaigns, Pelosi pushes back on Facebook's lackluster response to fake video, Germany v. End-to-end encryption, Twitter v. white supremacists (?), index funds on the blockchain, and mortgage documents leaked ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 25, 2019

The first faked videos of election season, surveillance in China and concerns over drone spying, OECD's AI principles, protecting data at the border, Snapchat employees spied on users, and Equifax downgraded over breach response ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 17, 2019

An executive order meant to deter Huawei, iPhone hacking is too hard to detect and ICE is buying a lot of it, FB changing livestreaming, the WH doesn't want to ban terrorist content but does want to hear about your social media bans, and Cisco's routers have vulnerabilities that bypass their secure enclave ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 10, 2019

Israel responded to Hamas' cyber attacks with a physical attack, Microsoft offers open-source election auditing tool, a US utility fell victim to a DoS attack, Baltimore got ransomware, and Chinese hackers are repurposing NSA tools used against them ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 3, 2019

Federal efforts to improve America's Cybersecurity Workforce, National Critical Functions, Russian attempts to undermine Democracy and Florida, malware in Cleveland, Venezuela's struggles with cryptocurrency, no such thing as cyber deterrence, Facebook tries to police the world's language, and after costly ransomware Norway gets a spy whale ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 26, 2019

DHS asked not to mention election interference, Sri Lanka temporarily blocked social media after bombings, FB anticipates a large FTC fine, lack of media guidelines on publishing hacked documents (whether Snowden's or Podesta's), NSA recommends ending Section 215 collection, and Cyber Command changed its definition of success to recognize collaborative support ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 19, 2019

Mueller report; Facebook's no-good very-bad past 15 months, the UK's online harms white paper, Fortinet sold Chinese-made tech to the US military as US-made, Sea Turtle DNS hijacking, everything you ever wanted to know about Layer 2 but were afraid to ask, and an FAQ on the CLOUD act ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 12, 2019

Assange arrested on hacking charges, getting more STEM experts into Congress, a new bill to improve state cybersecurity and one to prohibit dark patterns online, security issues in DMV's motor voter program, Utah requires a warrant for third-party data, and high school students hacking their schools ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 5, 2019

Cyber Tech Accord promotes international trust through confidence-building measures, Chinese citizen tries to bring malware to Mar-a-Lago, researchers can intercept CT scans and add or remove disease signatures, FB ads become discriminatory through FB's display calculations, Zuckerberg wants more regulation, hackers can hear what you type on your phone, and BlackRock and A16Z are refocusing on crypto ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 29, 2019

Australia hacked ISIS, Elfin (APT33) is hacking Saudi Arabia, Shadowhammer malware hacked ASUS computers, UK report finds flaws with Huawei, and the FTC suspects ISPs sell customer data ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 22, 2019

EHR failures and medical device security flaws; the ease of buying spyware from NSO Group and DarkMatter; Facebook employees could read millions of users' passwords; Google hit with EU fine for ad display discrepancies, Germany wants to target Tor, banks want stablecoins, and cybersecurity may not be that important ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 15, 2019

Newly proposed bills to expand COPPA and secure federal IoT, Swiss e-voting flaw found, routers targeted, Venezuela blames blackout on cyber attack, US leverages intel to get Huawei out of Germany, and the Navy is hemorrhaging data to hackers ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 8, 2019

Facebook pivots toward privacy, but no path forward in China; Twitter improves current events knowledge but Facebook does not; North Korean hackers are working hard, Chinese hackers are targeting maritime research, and Trisis malware is designed to disable safety systems at refineries ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 1, 2019

The US disrupted the IRA's internet during election 2018, FB moderators come to believe conspiracy theories they review, companies agitating against UK and AU encryption laws, 4G and 5G vulnerabilities allow tracking, Thunderbolt port vulnerabilities allow complete takeover, but optical tape storage is getting better ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 22, 2019

Updates to CA's data privacy law and a stalled Federal data privacy law, tacit competition in cyberspace, Chinese surveillance database exposed, better deepfakes, GDPR insurance, NATO catfishes its own troops, and record PHI breaches, capped by UW's school of medicine ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 15, 2019

White House EO on AI leadership, Chinese perspectives on AI leadership, Chinese anti-corruption AI tool too effective, India proposes internet censorship rules, Mossad for hire in local elections, a cybersecurity worker exchange bill, Russia plans to disconnect from the internet entirely, and a lack of Equifax data prompts spy suspicions ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 8, 2019

The new ethical dilemmas of Silicon Valley, rules for facial recognition, Romanian cyber crime ring indicted, fake news in Nigeria, blockchains require trust, Bezos' photos hacked, and Apple cracks down on screen recording in apps... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 1, 2019

Facebook lost internal apps over teen data surveillance; FaceTime bug; 25B hacked creds circulate; Japan to hack everyone's devices; researchers find good in turning off FB, Yahoo settlement blocked; UAE hired USG hackers to spy on US citizens ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 25, 2019

Distributed Denial of Secrets publishes leaked Russian documents, the Cyber Diplomacy Act of 2019 wants an ambassador for cyberspace, Yahoo settlement is the first to award shareholders for directors' negligence in protecting data, largest GDPR fine to date levied against Google, and 24 million loan and mortgage docs leaked ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 18, 2019

Facebook deletes coordinated inauthentic behavior from Russian media, Germans are crowdsourcing data to reverse-engineer black box algorithms, a dump of 773M email addresses and 22M passwords, biometric feature disclosure cannot be compelled, the DoD sucks at cybersecurity, and Tim Cook has some suggestions for federal data privacy law ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 11, 2019

Electric grid security legislation proposed, calls for oversight of cell phone location data sales, old people share more fake news, FB accused of violating Vietnam's new cybersecurity law, Ethereum Classic suffers double-spend attacks, and medical data requires more privacy ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 4, 2019

The first bill of the new Congress focuses on election cybersecurity and political ad transparency; ransomware stopped the presses; USB-C update allows device authentication; financial stability concerns and cyber risk, healthcare security concerns and cyber risk, and biodefense concerns and cyber risk; Monero is the coin of the Fortnite realm ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 21, 2018

Facebook withheld information on Russian manipulation and provided too much information to corporate partners; two APT10 hackers indicted; leaked EU diplomatic cables show unrest over Russian influence, but should hacked letters be published; tactics of the IRA revealed in Senate Intelligence Committee report; and imagine receiving 1700 recordings from someone else's Alexa ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 14, 2018

Smartphone apps and location tracking, Google CEO testifies before Congress, Facebook photos API bug, Iran targeting US gov't officials with phishing, and Saudi Arabia continues to acquire hacking and surveillance tools ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 7, 2018

Australia passes its backdoor bill, rural broadband lacking in the US, sourcing of the Echo, public-private cyber cooperation sought by Congress, China blamed for Marriott hack, Facebook blamed for French protests, and Quora breached ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 30, 2018

Healthcare, hotel, and USPS breaches; Parliament seized internal Facebook documents; Iranians charged for ransomware campaign; inside a Russian botnet; Ohio accepts bitcoin for taxes; and the FBI faked FedEx to catch extortionists ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 23, 2018

Smart trains need better security as nationwide upgrades are considered for federal funding; a new nation-state-driven cyber espionage campaign against the Pakistani military; Saudi dissidents hit with NSO Group malware; Cozy Bear is back; calls to break up Facebook; and the dangers of bots and structurelessness ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 16, 2018

Facebook tried to cover up evidence of Russian misinformation on the platform by delaying reports to board members and using an opposition research firm to smear protestors; big cyber players won't sign the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace; a Cybersecurity Moonshot recommended, Florida will let you vote by email if it wants to, and the crowdsourced creepiness of tech ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 9, 2018

If you don't want to read several verses of Election Day cybersecurity-related doggerel, this one's not for you; also BGP hijack details, new global cyber norms, a deepfake in the wild, and Intel's federal data privacy bill ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 2, 2018

Social media sites popular with the alt-right are being shut down by their hosting services, Facebook removes Iranian accounts tied to election-related misinformation, nine Chinese intelligence officers indicted for corporate espionage-related hacking, and FBI says naming and shaming won't deter North Korea ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 26, 2018

Russia and China can eavesdrop on the President's iPhone calls, Saudi Arabia uses Twitter to identify and silence dissidents, Russians hacked a Saudi petro plant last year, Cyber Command is personally asking Russians to stop election interference campaigns, and Tim Cook wants a pan-US privacy law ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 19, 2018

The state of cryptocurrency, Facebook bans fake election info and Reddit has a war room too, Pentagon travel record data breach and Tinder XSS, cybersecurity guidance for med device makers comes too late for Medtronic, and a 3 million cybersecurity-worker shortage ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 12, 2018

DoD weapons systems have major vulnerabilities, Google+ had a breach that they didn't disclose over regulatory fears, Facebook having trouble keeping on top of disinformation, Amazon recruiting biased against women, and Bloomberg doubling down on the Supermicro hacking story ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 5, 2018

China may have backdoored countless servers, more GRU indictments for hacking sports agencies and the OPCW, voting machine security problems won't be fixed anytime soon, Facebook is still addressing the fallout from its 50M (or 90M?) credential token breach, and financial industry cyberattacks are up ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 28, 2018

Russian propaganda masquerading as US news is back, Facebook is sharing your 2FA credentials with advertisers, Google walks back automatic Chrome logins, DoorDash and UN breaches, Uber must pay fine for its breach, Cisco's credential vuln, routers are pretty bad, maybe DoD will help us, and securing Disney ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 21, 2018

An aggressive new National Cyber Strategy, EU copyright directive spells thorny details for Google, more IoT malware, FB is serious now about protecting against election interference, and a major Bitcoin Core vulnerability was fixed ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 14, 2018

GCHQ bulk surveillance was illegal, an executive order to investigate and sanction election interference, new mobile phone-based authentication, Equifax's espionage problems, the effects of PPD-20 removal, and Facebook says they're now better protected against propaganda (and memes) ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 7, 2018

A North Korean indicted for Wannacry and the Sony Pictures attack, 5 Eyes want mandated backdoors, report on secure voting technology, China accepts the blockchain, CA heads toward greater net neutrality protections, and anonymity v. bias on social media ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 31, 2018

NSO group providing UAE with malware, how the Russian government runs an online propaganda operation, Facebook bans Myanmar military officials' accounts, and a CFAA loophole may not protect voting machines ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 24, 2018

How the US can protect its elections against cyber attacks, as the Senate postpones hearings on the Secure Elections Act; Russian-linked hackers' websites shut down by Microsoft and China-linked hackers doxed by a blog; Facebook removes Iran- and Russia-linked sites producing inauthentic activity; a T-Mobile breach; and malware targeting Mexican banks  ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 17, 2018

States' efforts to protect data privacy, a CIA firewall mistake that led to spy executions, AT&T sued over SIM-swapping, SGX and Android vulnerabilities, hacking police bodycams and water heaters, and data protection in Brazil ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 10, 2018

Facebook wants your financial data, Twitter won't ban infowars, new funding for missile defense cybersecurity, vote in West Virginia elections with Voatz, Maersk blockchain supply chain gets 94 participating companies, and ask your manager about cyber operations lasting more than five hours ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 3, 2018

Facebook found a disinformation campaign, how Cyber Command plans operations, Fin7 group arrested, Iranian Telegram traffic disrupted, Reddit hacked, and Google will censor to get into China ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 27, 2018

What's cyber about the new defense bill, a massive hack on a Singaporean health database, the global internet has never been free, law enforcement doesn't know who to ask for the data it needs, and Augur is trying to kill Betty White ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 20, 2018

The House hears about social media content filtering and Zuckerberg defends Holocaust deniers' speech, Microsoft encourages regulation of facial recognition, World Cup and Helsinki summit targeted by cyber attacks, and the confidential intelligence briefing that Putin ordered US election cyber interference ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 13, 2018

US indictment of 12 GRU hackers, Twitter removing millions of fake accounts, changes in Chrome and questions in Congress after Spectre/Meltdown, Cyber Command's retention problems and the iPhone's Taiwan flag problems ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 6, 2018

Investigations of Facebook data sharing widen; Iranian APT group tries to phish the security-curious, the Israeli NSO group suffered an insider threat, Cyber Command wants a cyber aircraft carrier, and researchers can feel the heat, the heat between fingers and keys ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 29, 2018

California's new privacy law, Russia's new malware campaign against Ukraine, Equifax's sweetheart agreement and Exactis' massive breach, Venezuela's block of Tor, and Mattis' new cyber strategy ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 22, 2018

Supreme Court decides that cell phone location data requires a warrant, Thrip is attacking satellite companies, Russians are attacking German energy companies, and the Senate NDAA wants the US to prove its cyber capabilities ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 15, 2018

Apple responds to passcode workarounds by disabling the lightning port, fake news on social media leads to two deaths, a contractor working on the CIA-funded Project Maven was hacked by Russians, the Senate wants to establish official US cyber warfare policies, and let those among us who haven't used a personal email server for work cast the first stone ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 8, 2018

Facebook shared your friends' data with third parties, reset your privacy controls, and is being sued by the state of Washington; the FCC was probably not DDoSed, Google won't be creating AI that could do harm, Fancy Bear has changed tactics, and researchers have answered everyone's wishes and created a psychopathic AI ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 1, 2018

A country-wide experiment in logging off of Facebook, deterrence recommendations, how state cybersecurity programs and cyber operations against ISIS can succeed, the history of cryptography, SS7 vulnerabilities, and state efforts to preserve net neutrality ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 25, 2018

GDPR goes into effect and claims are brought against Facebook and Google, Amazon's Alexa sends private conversation without warning, FBI takes control of Russian botnet but massively overstates encrypted device backlog, and the President's Twitter account is a public forum ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 18, 2018

No more cyber coordinator, cell phone locations up for grabs, PGP flaw, 538M fake Facebook accounts, and Florida Man can pay taxes with bitcoin ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 11, 2018

Iran deal withdrawal prompts cyber attack speculation, is Duplex unethical impersonation, bipartisan bills against back doors, bail bond ads banned, Russian Facebook ads released, and a proposal for an independent attribution agency ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 4, 2018

What's missing from cyber command's strategy, the scrutiny of Silicon Valley, balkanization of the internet as ZTE and Huawei are the latest foreign tech to be banned, a new hardware backdoor, and all 50 states now have data breach laws; take that, GDPR ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 27, 2018

Congress has the White House's cyber retaliation strategy; hackers are targeting medical devices; Facebook trying to reveal more about its platform policing; and Altaba, FKA Yahoo, fined $35M for failing to reveal its breach for two years ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 20, 2018

North Korean hackers are getting better, Facebook is restructuring in advance of GDPR, a spam king is sentenced, and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord brings companies together to pledge not to assist in government cyberattacks ... (Read More)

Bringing Capitol Hill to the Valley - April 13, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg prepared for his testimony before the Senate and the House Energy & Commerce Committee as though expecting to face hostile opposing counsel, not Facebook users and concerned colleagues ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 13, 2018

Ten hours of Zuck in the House and Senate this week were accompanied by privacy legislation, a global digital policy declaration, concern over Russian attacks on 2018 elections and sun attacks on electricity, as well as Cyber Command's roles ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 6, 2018

The new national security advisor is a cyber hawk, Facebook is cleaning up its privacy settings, DHS found Stingrays in use in DC and doesn't know whose they are, and cyber attacks on natural gas pipelines may be testing the strength of energy infrastructure ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 30, 2018

All the data Facebook and Google have on you, and what to do about it; Cyber Command's strategic plans; how insufficient communication within the FBI led to a court filing when technical assistance was close at hand; and a suggestion of how to write better corporate tech memos ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 23, 2018

Facebook friends sold out to Cambridge Analytica, support for more US offensive cyber operations, a self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian, and sanctions against Iranian hackers ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 16, 2018

Sanctions against Russians and US policy options beyond cyber attacks; data breach standing and GDPR privacy protections; a physical cyberattack on Saudi chemical plant points to a pattern; and a post-breach insider trading charge for Eqifax exec ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 9, 2018

The encryption debate comes to the financial industry, GrayKey offers commodity iPhone unlocking and the Indiana State Police have signed up, on the Shadow Brokers anniversary, a look at how the NSA identifies other nations' intelligence agencies' tracks, and Sierra Leone holds a blockchain-backed election ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 2, 2018

Cyber Command hasn't been given the go-ahead to address Russian meddling, Google is banning searches for guns and Weibo is banning the letter n, Apple is storing iCloud keys in China, and Berkeley has an ICO ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 23, 2018

Twitter tries to fix its platform, disinformation hard to eradicate before midterm elections, more cryptocurrency safeguards and South Korean support for trading, when will technological unemployment happen, and is the cloud just other peoples' Teslas? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 16, 2018

Inside North Korea's hacker diaspora, Facebook's delayed response to the fake news problem, and Instagram's acquiescence to Russian pressure over photos of political figures. The CLOUD act wants data stored overseas to be more accessible, and a blog wants you to mine cryptocurrency for them in exchange for ad-free articles ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 9, 2018

Making a smart home is annoying and a privacy sinkhole, the State Department turns back toward cyber, cyber crimes are underreported, and responsible encryption is just a wide-open backdoor ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 2, 2018

IoT privacy scrutinized after Strava, the cyber that should have been in the SoTU, cryptocurrencies have a rocky week, UK snooper's charter declared unlawful ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 26, 2018

Dutch intelligence warned us about Cozy Bear in 2014, states make net neutrality a condition of getting state contracts, Facebook invents a unit of time and is used in Cambodia to quash dissent and arrest protestors, and Teamsters want UPS to vow not to use driverless trucks ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 19, 2018

Nuclear posture review suggests nukes can counter cyber attacks, Google isn't allowing apps to circumvent censorship in Iran, DHS provides active cyber defense tools to private companies, and section 702 extension passes the Senate ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 12, 2018

An election security bill, a data breach prevention and compensation act, and 702 renewal in the House; Russian hackers are targeting the Olympics and US Senators, while North Korean hackers are mining Monero, alongside college students; China intends to cut down on the number of cryptocurrency miners using its electricity, and the FBI has a new nose ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 5, 2018

A spectre is haunting all Intel processors, the spectre of simultaneous execution memory errors. Zuckerberg decides he'll finally fix Facebook's problems this year. Aadhaar was breached, for about $8 on WhatsApp. And Tacotron is going to make it harder to determine what recordings are real or doctored (or completely invented) ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 29, 2017

DHS lags on election security reviews, China opens a cyber innovation center, Facebook finds fake news flags cause more clicks, not less, browser password managers facilitate third-party tracking, and internet centralization is only going to get worse ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 22, 2017

China's social credit, WannaCry the work of the North Korean Lazarus group, algorithmic accountability in NYC, the price of stolen credentials, and Bitcoin Cash trading anomalies ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 15, 2017

Bias in AI, Mirai defenders plead guilty, FCC's net neutrality rules rolled back, inside e-Estonia, social media executives against social media, and Bitcoin futures ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 8, 2017

Facebook's support of the Duterte regime, Iranian cyber espionage groups proliferate, Bitcoin had a fun day this Thursday but won't kill the planet, Germany wants backdoors in everything, and the SEC is going after its first ICO fraud ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 1, 2017

A new NSA leak from an unpatched AWS bucket, a MacOS vulnerability with easy root access, guiding the deployment of cyber weapons, cell site surveillance at the Supreme Court, and Russia is making its own Internet ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 24, 2017

57 million Uber customers hacked, we shouldn't trust Facebook to regulate itself, a campaign cybersecurity playbook, net neutrality, and the slowly growing popularity of digital payments ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 17, 2017

Algorithmic accountability, behind the VEP curtain, the new Freedom of the Net report, American Express using the blockchain for payments, and HHS should require vendors disclose the software they're using ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 10, 2017

Social media pioneers are starting to warn users, proposals to reform Section 702, Ether in Parity multisig wallets frozen accidentally, Representatives support the hackback bill while former NSA director does not, and the problem with internet platforms that encourage iterative content they can't control ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 3, 2017

Google, Facebook, and Twitter testify before Congress about Russian political influence, Keys Under Doormats is back, an election cybersecurity bill and EU diplomatic response to malicious cyber activities were released ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 27, 2017

BadRabbit and IoTroop, the future of online dating, a history of wifi hacking, the Honest Ads Act doens't go far enough, and a cybersecurity patch for pacemakers may go too far ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 20, 2017

Our robotic future and how AI is affecting manufacturing, KRACK wifi vulnerability and RSA key-generating flaw, China vindicated by US concern over social media, and political ad disclosure rules ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 13, 2017

Israelis exposed Russian Kaspersky hack, Google sold political ads to Russians, Bitcoin soars above $5,000, NSA declassifies upstream data collection, and the Equifax website was hacked again ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 6, 2017

Russian hackers used Kaspersky to get NSA secrets, Russian ads on Facebook specifically targeted Wisconsin voters, foreign code reviews are problematic and the use of SSNs as identifiers is horrific, and the managing director of the IMF is bullish on cryptocurrencies ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 29, 2017

Tech companies called to testify over Russian meddling, a four-point plan for regaining our cyber sovereignty, China blocked WhatsApp and Russia wants to block Facebook, Deloitte hacked, and how to regulate Uber ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 22, 2017

An SEC database was hacked and led to insider trading, China continues to crack down on Bitcoin, you'll be able to see every Facebook election ad, new cybersecurity rules for the EU, and everyone is hacking back ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 15, 2017

Kaspersky products banned from government, sanctions against Iranians for DDoSing financial institutions, banning hate speech forums results in less hate speech overall, BTC China plans to stop trading, and a White House official says offensive cyber operations don't work ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 8, 2017

Equifax leaks 143M SSNs, China outlaws ICOs while Filecoin raises 257M+ in an ICO, self-driving cars are heading for our roads, Russians bought political ads on Facebook, and states need more money to secure their election systems ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 1, 2017

Electronic voting irregularities in Kenya lead to election nullification, the FCC lets documents be, the FDA is recalling pacemakers for a software update, China updates its real names policy, WhiteBear and only 116 secure passwords exist ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 25, 2017

AI creating jobs and taking jobs away, charges for Anthem/OPM-related hackers, regulating Google and Facebook like monopolies, North Korean DDoS activity, and securing critical infrastructure ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 18, 2017

Who decides who gets to be on the internet, exposing Russian hacking, preserving patient privacy, where the robots are, where the Mirai botnet was, AI might own copyright, and the price of Bitcoin continues to rise ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 11, 2017

Fancy Bear in hotel networks, disclosing vulnerabilities isn't all or none, the Coco Framework for blockchains, writing malicious code into DNA and training a sarcasm-detection algorithm on emoji ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 4, 2017

New IoT bills aim to strengthen cybersecurity, a malware researcher arrested by the FBI under suspicion of selling a banking trojan, the best of DEF CON and Black Hat, quantifying the privacy paradox, suing over breaches, the BTC split and the HBO hack ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 28, 2017

Swedish data breach with minister-shaking consequences, Iran debuts its Kitten line of hacking teams, North Korean hackers just need money, the DAO was an insecure security after all, and a hard BTC fork looms ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 21, 2017

Microsoft fighting Russia in court, the DOJ put AlphaBay away, separating Cyber Command and the NSA, CoinDash ICO hacked, massive potential losses from cloud service hack, and Chinese censorship poised to destroy livestreaming industry ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 14, 2017

No US-Russia cooperative cyber unit, Foundry helps study how work happens online, the laws of math don't apply in Australia, China's new cyber laws spur companies to action, Verizon records leaked, ICOs, and deciphering algorithmic mismatches ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 7, 2017

Why aren't robots taking more jobs? Why aren't we winning the cybersecurity war? Why are hackers attacking nuclear power plants? Why were major stocks set to $123.47 this week? Why can't we export our social graph across social media platforms? Why can't Microsoft make a chatbot that's inoffensive? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 30, 2017

Not-Petya wreaked havoc on international companies, Google was hit with a fine and a global take-down notice, the NSA is remarkably mum about its exploits being used by bad actors but is now available on Github, and a roundup of obfuscation techniques for the privacy-concerned netizen ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 23, 2017

Election hacking warnings, Russia using Ukraine as a cyberwar proving ground, a constitutional right to the internet, EU agrees on cyber norms, and Girl Scouts get into hacking ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 16, 2017

Cyber Command struggling against ISIS, everyone struggling with Russian interference in election systems, Ukrainian malware, and hacked routers, what we should be talking about instead of talking about crypto backdoors, and Ethereum used to send UN aid ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 9, 2017

Leaked NSA documents on Russian spearphishing land a contractor in jail, Qatar news agency hacked, iPhone users' data stolen in China, Bitcoin continues to gain value, stingrays mapped by rideshare drivers, and AI researchers resigned to our strong AI fate ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 2, 2017

Putin suggests election hacking, QR codes making China cashless, crypto tokens taking off, cyber policy needs more academic expertise, 702 reform, a bad year for data breaches and cyber insurance, and Ethiopia breaks the internet while Facebook breaks your brain ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 26, 2017

NATO is getting into IoT security, the ACDC Act and the BROWSER Act are being reviewed, the internet is broken, Facebook is trying to get you to be better, BTC is over $2,000, we're not worrying about the right North Korean weapons, and Google is learning more about your purchases ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 19, 2017

WannaCry(pt) partially attributed to North Korea, motivations behind Russian election meddling, the Cyber Norms Index, the PATCH act, fines against Facebook, and Google cornering the education market ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 12, 2017

Comey out, Cyber Executive Order in, Facebook wants to try censoring more, Admiral Rogers and the Worst-Case Cyber Scenario, ransomware in hospitals, bans on laptops, and are robots taking too many jobs or not enough? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 5, 2017

WeChat a boon for AI and censorship, Google Docs, SS7, and memory stick hacks, Russian sanctions not deterring hacking, no bug bounty for FlexiSpy and no unsealed surveillance orders (yet), the BondNet botnet and the American Technology Council ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 28, 2017

Facebook's ongoing problem with violent content and propaganda, China hacking South Korean missile defense, robot-proof jobs, CA cybersecurity, and FBI mass hacking ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 21, 2017

The responsibility of Facebook, the sabotage of North Korean missiles, the ability of technology to save democracy, the spread of election-time fake news, and the ad-blocking wars ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 14, 2017

Chinese social media censorship, German first-strike cyber attacks, Brickerbot, Uber skirting ToSes, MasterPrints, the black boxes that are algorithms, JEEPFLEA and the commercials that trigger smart assistants ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 7, 2017

New details on Russian cyberattacks, twitter bots and fake news, Chinese espionage, cryptocurrency security standards, AI replacing emotional labor, and personalized phishing ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 31, 2017

Federal cyber spending, jobs lost to automation, NK running a cybersecurity shop in Malaysia, we need more cyber policy, an OS with built-in security, the Willy Wonka of hacks, and what the FBI did wrong this week ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 24, 2017

Differing Chinese and Russian approaches to cyber war, a proliferation of uses for blockchain, ISPs free to sell your browsing history, farmers hacking their tractors, the current state of encryption workarounds, the electronics ban, and the economics of ransomware ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 17, 2017

Indictments of Russian cyber criminals, the problems with using cyber weapons against nuclear weapons, WH support for cyber, ransomware made easy, and a documentary on internet trolls ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 10, 2017

Wikileaks releases CIA hacking documents, fewer zero-days are discovered independently than we thought, proposed legislation to allow hacking back, the future of blockchains, and a cyber campaign against NK's missile program ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 3, 2017

Will democracy survive AI? How restrictive regimes communicate propaganda, the rising price of BTC, murky futures for AI initiatives at Alphabet and Facebook, and problems with FCC privacy protections, Amazon AWS, smart teddy bears, and death by 1,000 hacks ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 24, 2017

Cloudflare bug, SHA-1 collision, BTC hits a new high, Alphabet v. Uber, fingerprints v. warrants, and an obstacle to the cyber education - government pipeline ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 17, 2017

Cyber weapons targeting soda tax advocates, Cameroon targeting the internet, a deep dive into the Macedonian fake news industry, and an IoT DDoS ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 10, 2017

The social network IRL chilling effect, and anyone can become a troll; Russia's cyber meddling moves to France; email localization and warrants; punishment for spying smart TVs and Android malware ... (Read More)

Raw Data Season Two, Episode 4 - February 7, 2017

Attention is the currency of the internet: the ad-driven model of web publishing requires clicks and page views to drive money toward content and its creators. Just as print media has struggled with the transition to digital, movies have struggled to transition to digital formats ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 3, 2017

The politicization of cybersecurity, China's social media restriction strategy, FSB arrests and easing of US sanctions, Venezuelan and Federal Reserve bitcoin miners arrested ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 27, 2017

Russian hacking commissions, IoT device guidelines and cross-device tracking, your emails are safe in Ireland, ad blocking will break the internet, and fake news hurting the country ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 20, 2017

The past eight years of cyber policy, a cyber weapons deal gone bad, 4th amendment rights vs. National Security Letters, fake news promoting genocide, Mark Zuckerberg promoting himself, and emojis crashing iPhones ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 13, 2017

Privacy is increasingly tough to get, Sweden's intelligence surveillance is increasingly important, and elections are increasingly the target of hacks and online influence. FTC sues D-Link, algorithms collude invisibly, and China wants to get a handle on RMB BTC transactions ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 6, 2017

CIA identifies Russian hackers, we're living through the first cyber war, Rodrigo Duterte's army of trolls, and library data falsification ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 30, 2016

The Russian election-hacking sanctions are here, along with FDA guidelines for biomedical device cybersecurity, a new peer-reviewed blockchain journal, legal trouble for Facebook, and worrisome fake-news fall-out ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 23, 2016

Using cyber weapons against Russia, tracking Turkey's internet surveillance, how Saudi Arabia misuses tech, Congress supports encryption, and Facebook still having problems with content policing ... (Read More)

Raw Data Season Two, Episode 3 - December 21, 2016

Although security researchers warn us of the possibility that the internet could go down—a massive DDoS attack, or an attack on the electric grid, could make internet access impossible for many—the prospect of living a normal life without the internet, even for a few days, is increasingly difficult to imagine ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 16, 2016

Election hacking, Facebook's U-turn on fake news, Uber's cease and desist, tech-driven income inequality, ethical AI, and Yahoo's 1B-account nightmare ... (Read More)

Raw Data Season Two, Episode 2 - December 13, 2016

Cindy Cohn, like President Obama, is particularly interested in Constitutional law. How, then, do they come to such different conclusions about digital surveillance? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 9, 2016

Fake news causing real problems, DHS hacking Georgia and North Korea hacking South Korea, takeaways from the CENC report, are our online communities stifling our real communities, how to combat hate speech online, and why superintelligence is not such a super idea ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 2, 2016

Silicon Valley doesn't empathize; Facebook's censorship criticized; Bitcoin mining in Venezuela; Changes to Rule 41; Cyber bombs are actual bombs; Welcome home, Barrett Brown ... (Read More)

Raw Data Season Two, Episode 1 - November 30, 2016

Episode one of Season Two of Raw Data asks whether big data is a big sham. The podcast checks in with Stanford-alumni-funded big data startup Quantified, our Hewlett-funded colleagues at Berkeley’s CLTC, and EFF’s Executive Director, Cindy Cohn, on whether we should worry about all the data being collected on us ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 25, 2016

Internet freedom declines, Facebook offers China censorship tools to get more of their sweet, sweet data, students have trouble identifying fake news, we have trouble putting a price tag on cyber weapons, and the IRS is interested in bitcoin ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 18, 2016

Facebook's huge fake news problem, NIST IoT guidelines, backdoors in Android phones, UK posts the Snoopers' Charter, graphic guide to cyber norms, and assessing collateral damage of cyber attacks ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 11, 2016

Resurgence of encryption debate and attacks against journalists' data security predicted, Facebook claims its news stories don't influence behavior but its ads do, China passes law restricting data storage to in-country servers, and Russian banks hit by DDoS ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 4, 2016

Another Shadowbrokers dump, theory of mind applied to computing, machines leading to increased productivity when they replace human nurses and food servers, and private sector active cyber defense encouraged ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 28, 2016

Massive DDoS attack hits DNS company, don't Skype and type, 15 children in cybersecurity, Chinese hackers target foreign government officials, and cyber insurance full of trap doors ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 14, 2016

The future of AI and the President's thoughts, police use of social media to surveil protestors, Russia responsible for US hacks, and trapdoored primes ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 7, 2016

Yahoo spied on your emails, Whisper Systems has no info on you, another NSA leaker, Russia wants to see all the internet traffic, and the future of health AI and depressing VR ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 30, 2016

Judges don't know about cyber, Yahoo doesn't care about cyber, Krebs got too much cyber, China doesn't cyber us anymore, and a Congressional Blockchain Congress ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 23, 2016

Change your Yahoo password, make nice robots (and make nice with robots), put your trust in a black box, visit one of North Korea's 28 websites, and don't ask Reddit for TS/SCI tech support ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 16, 2016

The accountability of war algorithms, Russians hacking olympians and the government, NAND mirroring very possible, and blockchain news from funding of blockchain startups to tracking tuna on a blockchain ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 9, 2016

Racist algorithms, governments meddling in innocent web traffic, leaked cyber tool catalogues, AI to benefit humanity, student data to benefit students, and blockchain tools for government services ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 2, 2016

Killer drones, shorting stock, why Apple's bug bounty doesn't find the worst vulns, Swift hacks, election hacks, breach response, and Facebook floundering ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 26, 2016

Inside Facebook's political news machine, GCHQ's rules for mass hacking, the Cuban internet, AI at Apple, and surveillance in Baltimore ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 19, 2016

NSA hacked, driverless Ubers in Pittsburgh, VR basically the same as novels, cybersecurity spending down, and AU authorities hacking US machines ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 12, 2016

Inaccurate cyber metaphors, secure data exchange with the cloud, monitoring political communication on Facebook and Youtube, and the bandwidth bottleneck hurting Delta and Australia's census ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 5, 2016

DEFCON and Black Hat, Moxie Marlinspike, augmented urban reality, scoring the security of software, and all the cyber fit to disappoint ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 29, 2016

DNC emails hacked, VR for refugees, PPD-41, and companies hacking companies via ransomware distributors ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 22, 2016

How the Turkish coup attempt used cyber, what teens are doing online these days, sewbots replacing sweatshops, the future digital afterlife, at what point to trust automation technology, and the success of China's startup scene ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 15, 2016

Pokemon Go security, more Guccifer leaks, surprising CFAA rulings, the Bitcoin halvening cuts into profitability, researchers propose privacy-preserving data analysis for law enforcement and legal processes for releasing de-identified data, and can we disrupt the planned obsolescence of tech ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 8, 2016

The EU has new restrictions on Bitcoin, Bulgaria goes open source, VR as empathy engine, incomplete cyber risk valuations, and the future of the crypto wars ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 1, 2016

China's data privacy regulation and corner on Bitcoin, why should software be able to save the world, a chatbot lawyer saving you from parking tickets, DHS interested in your social media, and disposable fingerprints ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 24, 2016

US-Israel cyber cooperation, Wassenaar talks, confusing rulings about the privacy of PCs, the need to audit code for social and environmental impact, the effect of Brexit on the cyber industry, and Zuckerberg's webcam ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 17, 2016

Net neutrality upheld, Apple introduces their use of differential privacy, the internet has changed what it means to be a human being, $50M of Ethereum stolen, and South Korea hacked by North Korea ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 10, 2016

Obama and Indian PM Modi agree on a free internet, how the internet distorts your memory, Uber drivers as sharecroppers, and new business models for Bitcoin and cyber crime ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - June 3, 2016

Warrants not needed for location data, internet trend report 2016, malware that looks like Stuxnet, and the Federal Reserve hacked ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 27, 2016

The humanities are clawing their way back into tech, North Korea may be behind SWIFT attacks, algorithms are racist, and tech companies are starting to collect and store less of your information ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Twelve - May 26, 2016

The first season of Raw Data has been thought-provoking, fun, educational, hard-hitting, futuristic—and valuable for us at the Cyber Initiative, both in promoting and disseminating research occurring on campus and in generating conversation about the societal changes driving that research ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 20, 2016

Robots are taking our jobs, but not as many of them; the sharing economy is only for the rich, the Supreme Court wants to decide what is or isn't damaging false information about you online, and metadata is more important than you think ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 13, 2016

Will we like AI, and will AI like us? Who's behind attacks on banks through SWIFT, and is law enforcement really going dark? Why is Facebook biased, and should it matter? ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Guidance for lawyers - May 6, 2016

Yesterday, the American Bar Association released a cyber insurance guideline document for lawyers ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - May 6, 2016

Big data for discrimination, European and Brazilian conflicts with US tech companies, a 10-year-old gets a bug bounty, and Google has UK citizens' health records ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Risk quantification data - May 5, 2016

Risk quantification relies heavily on datasets from security vendors and insurance claims aggregators. The Verizon DBIR and the NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Helping and hurting - May 4, 2016

Cyber insurance necessarily involves detailed information about the security infrastructure of a business, and that information is also valuable to cyber attackers. The more detailed an assessment of a company’s current security posture, the better an insurer can feel about their ability to predict that company’s future risk ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Examinations - May 3, 2016

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is in the process of developing cybersecurity examinations that will allow state insurance regulators to determine necessary cybersecurity measures and associated risks ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Market forces - May 2, 2016

The incentives for cyber risk valuation fall disproportionately on insurers; customers are usually shielded from both the information necessary to make the appropriate judgments of where to entrust their personal information, and from much of the risk when that information is used ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Who collects data on breaches? - April 29, 2016

One of the biggest problems facing insurers and underwriters looking at cyber insurance is how to model the risk of a hack or data breach, given that these events come as an unpleasant surprise to the companies and organizations affected. Collecting data on previous breaches can help underwriters build models ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 29, 2016

Bots, malware in nuclear power plants, more secure IoT communication, and changes to Rule 41 (not Rule 42, that's still the same) ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Analogies - April 28, 2016

The cyber insurance market has been compared to other insurance markets like commercial liability, fire, flood, catastrophe, and terrorism. For the most part, these analogies are an attempt to forecast and map the growth of the cyber insurance market as it approaches maturity, and determine whether government intervention would be helpful ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Probability times impact - April 27, 2016

The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers recently released the results of its second semi-annual Cyber Insurance Market Watch survey. 56 member firms answered questions about the cyber insurance market and their clients’ decisions and habits. The results indicate that the cyber insurance market is growing ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Energy sector - April 26, 2016

One of the most reviled analogies in cyber security is the “Cyber Pearl Harbor” or — in its updated form — “Cyber 9/11”. The idea of such a catastrophic cyber terror attack is often raised in conjunction with the power grid ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Terrorism - April 25, 2016

After 9/11, reinsurers balked at supporting insurers who didn’t specifically exclude terrorism from their coverage. The massive and unpredictable losses of terrorist attacks were a shock to the reinsurers, who absorbed much of the cost. However, with exclusions for terrorism coverage ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: What about the little guy? - April 22, 2016

Data breaches on the scale of OPM, Target, or Anthem Blue Cross cost millions to clean up; your files, priceless though they may be to you, are valued at considerably lower amounts. But if homeowner’s insurance covers stolen laptops and hard drives (and occasionally data, valued at up to $1,000) why can’t individuals buy cyber insurance? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 22, 2016

The internet has changed the world, the rules of cyber warfare are unclear, chatbots are going to have moral responsibilities, and privacy is more popular as phone vulnerabilities are exposed ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Ransomware - April 21, 2016

The popularity of ransomware is on the rise, and programs like Cryptolocker and TorrentLocker do more than just lock a screen — they search for files by extension (e.g., pdf, doc) and encrypt them, withholding the encryption key until ransom is paid. Several hospitals have made the news as victims of this type of malware ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Trends - April 20, 2016

The cyber insurance market: $2.4B in premiums, 90% US-based though purchased by only 1/3 of US companies, and forecasted to double by 2020. Or maybe triple. Or grow to $20B by 2025 ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: Is cyber insurance health insurance? - April 19, 2016

The US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals recently confirmed that a general liability insurer was obligated “to defend its insured against a class-action lawsuit arising out of the inadvertent posting of patient medical records on the internet” ... (Read More)

15 Days of Cyber Insurance: What is it good for? - April 18, 2016

Over time, the probability of being hacked goes to 1. Like those of us living along the San Andreas fault and hoping for the best, we’ve chosen to build our businesses on the backbone of the internet; while we do as much as we can to shore up foundations and invest in early warning systems, at some point trouble is coming ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 15, 2016

Microsoft sues the US over ECPA disclosure, digital work doesn't mean less commuting, content moderation doesn't mean less bad content, and Chinese apps are taking the "sharing economy" too far ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 8, 2016

The Panama papers were leaked, along with databases of Turkish citizens and Philippines voters, the Defend Trade Secrets act and a Senate bill on encryption approach, and building virtual assistants is almost as hard as 3d printing in secret ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Eleven - April 7, 2016

One of the first chatbots, ELIZA, programmed in 1966 and still available online, was designed to imitate a Rogerian psychotherapist. ELIZA primarily reflects the user’s statements back to him in the form of a question. In some ways, the ability of technology to address human ennui has progressed since 1966 ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - April 1, 2016

That San Bernardino phone is no longer an issue, and the DOJ moves on to other phones, ISIS is using TrueCrypt, Obama and Xi Jinping talk cybersecurity again, and cyber insurance rates are coming down ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 25, 2016

The FBI received help from an anonymous source to break into the San Bernardino iPhone, seven Iranian hackers indicted, Uber for X businesses are failing, and you can't trust the internet ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Ten - March 21, 2016

Just as the plural of anecdote isn’t data, the verb form of data-gathering isn’t dating; online dating still requires in-person interactions ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 18, 2016

New NIST guidelines and a NATO report on cyber norms, technologies for online workers are leading to continual employee monitoring, Apple v. FBI is ushering in a new wave of crypto war, and a cashless South Korea could mean more vulnerability for individuals ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 11, 2016

China increases surveillance, France passes a bill requiring companies to decrypt for law enforcement, and algorithms are getting better at thinking like you--and identifying your hands ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Nine - March 5, 2016

What happens to your data when you die? Do you want loved ones to receive access to your Facebook and email, or do you want your browser history automatically deleted? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - March 4, 2016

Apple gets a little help from their friends, back to the Wassenaar drawing board, the income inequality between "sharing" and "gig" economies, and the online cheating economy ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 26, 2016

We haven't even reached the Apple core yet; Stripe Atlas allows entrepreneurs to tap into US payment networks via their app; new rules for NSA info-sharing; and we're hopelessly hooked on our devices ... (Read More)

If Apple Loses, You'll Pay with Your Time to Stay Secure - February 22, 2016

The recent legal dispute between the FBI and Apple over whether the latter can be compelled to develop and sign software that will undermine the security of Syed Farook’s work-issued iPhone 5c has brought much-needed public scrutiny to issues of digital security and privacy ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 19, 2016

An Apple a day keeps the FBI at bay, employers crunching big data to predict employee pregnancies, a hospital paid a bitcoin ransom, and what is Nitro Zeus ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Eight - February 17, 2016

Jeff Hancock, Professor of Communication and researcher of the emotional effects of digital technologies, wants to know what you think of your Facebook news feed. More specifically, he wants to know what metaphor you would use ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 12, 2016

The President announced a Cybersecurity National Action Plan, Facebook has an action plan to remove terrorist accounts, the Human Rights Foundation has an action plan to get thumb drives into North Korea, and your average teenager has 700 action plans on Snapchat ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - February 5, 2016

A Privacy Shield to replace Safe Harbor, tracking workers the way we track football players, Google's AI responds to our novel search queries, and the "going dark" debate is not a cause for panic ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Seven - February 1, 2016

Will silicon help the salamander? Data are being used to visualize real-life clouds, swarms, and flocks, but seeing is different from saving. Raw Data explores the impact of data on nature ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 29, 2016

The Safe Harbor deadline approaches, drone feeds are being hacked, judges lack the technological expertise to evaluate hacking cases, and consumer privacy concerns have increased ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 22, 2016

Public displays of cyber weaponry, Davos is not ready for self-driving cars, more attacks on critical manufacturing, and no improvement in our use of passwords ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 15, 2016

Silicon Valley is developing an algorithm to fight terrorism online, how Stingrays were exposed, the real threats to our electric grid, and a challenge to mass surveillance in Europe ... (Read More)

Privacy Online: Breaking the Fourth Wall - January 11, 2016

The erosion of privacy under the assumption that 1 + 1 = 2 and individual data points are equally shareable as their combined total is a logical fallacy that may have progressed too far to stop. The law deals capriciously with questions of extent rather than existence ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 8, 2016

The NSA is in town for tech help fighting terrorists, the sharing economy is curbing innovation in the labor market, and companies promising strong crypto but not delivering have been warned ... (Read More)

Cyber-Social Systems in 2016 - January 3, 2016

Predictions for the new year, in cybersecurity and cyber technologies, balance the probability of more high-profile hacks with the potential for greater connectivity, access, and autonomy ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - January 1, 2016

A cyber attack on the Ukrainian power grid, China's new law requires backdoors, predictions for cybersecurity news in 2016, and Nasdaq uses the blockchain ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Six - December 29, 2015

Are you addicted to the internet? Between clickbait, viral videos, and binge-watching, the internet is certainly hoping so. And who will help? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 25, 2015

Insecurity of the power grid, Turkey suffering from a cyber attack, and Google partners with Ford and introduces password-free logins ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 18, 2015

CISA heads to the President's desk, Brazil blocked WhatsApp, hate searches mean more hate crimes, and how hard is it to build a self-driving car, really? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 11, 2015

Governments want to block Tor and require companies to report on terrorist activity, tech allows you to edit reality and train AI like a baby, and if you're online all the time you're not alone ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - December 4, 2015

The self-driving car race to market, Chinese-US cyber response protocol, student data privacy and health data privacy, and a 4th amendment ruling ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Five - November 30, 2015

How does a bill become a cyber law? Mr Smith goes to in this episode, to learn how elections are influenced by the internet ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 27, 2015

The future of AI, behind the scenes of the Snowden biopic, eDellRoot, and voter manipulation ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 20, 2015

Encryption back in the spotlight after Paris attacks, how Uber's unfair data advantage affects workers, and did CMU really sell out to the FBI? ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 13, 2015

The history of privacy, indictments in the JPMorgan hack, getting more women into cybersecurity and taking the emotional labor out of composing emails ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - November 6, 2015

Lethal cyber weapons, the effects of a financial system cyber attack, privacy concerns increasing post-Snowden, and the online coming offline ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Four - November 4, 2015

A bitcoin for your thoughts? Raw Data explores the foundation of a cryptocurrency, and where it's going next ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 30, 2015

The EU forgives Snowden, online laborers are held hostage to our ratings, Russian submarines are too close to our internet cables, and CISA passes the Senate ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 23, 2015

John Brennan's AOL account hacked, along with 4 million UK telecom customers, native political advertising online, and your digital inheritance ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Three - October 22, 2015

Raw Data goes to the doctor this week, investigating wearable health technologies, big data on health outcomes and disease analytics, and what technology might be supplanting ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 16, 2015

The drone papers, how the NSA (maybe) breaks Diffie Hellman, increasing paranoia over technology surveillance, and securing University networks ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 9, 2015

Safe Harbor agreement invalidated, a Chinese app that assesses creditworthiness by what your friends write on social media, California's new data privacy laws, and an app to guide end-of-life decisions ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode Two - October 7, 2015

This week's episode of Raw Data looks at crowd workers: how are online platforms changing the way we work, and the paths our careers take? From a security standpoint, the contractor problem is a necessary evil ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - October 2, 2015

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, benevolent malware, smartphones affecting children's conversations, and the lives saved by self-driving cars ... (Read More)

Raw Data Episode One - September 28, 2015

We’re excited to introduce a podcast we’re co-sponsoring with Worldview Stanford, called Raw Data! It’s about the datasets and cyber technologies that affect our lives, and the first episode is about our digital behavior, and inferences ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 25, 2015

VW used software to cheat, Obama and Xi Jinping spoke about cybersecurity, more fingerprints were lost, but perhaps not as much privacy as we thought ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 18, 2015

Hackers who broke the law, Cyber Command's scorecard, paying for ad blocking, and the day-to-day of a Chinese "app addict" ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 11, 2015

FireEye vulnerabilities, DoE breaches catalogued, Apple rejects court order to turn over encrypted iMessages, and McAfee is running for President ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - September 4, 2015

Cyber sanctions against China, DARPA's robotics chief on what to worry about, FTC regulation of political Instagram, and backlash against Facebook's use of advertising data ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 28, 2015

License plate scanners and stingrays, tools to route your own internet traffic, and what's going on at Facebook ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 21, 2015

Search engine manipulation, tax returns hacked, Ashley Madison data released, and AT&T's collaboration with the NSA ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 14, 2015

Insider trading abetted by hacking, Kaspersky's KGB education, the Socrates of SIGINT, and how to get the new hackers off your lawn ... (Read More)

Consumer data privacy after bankruptcy - August 12, 2015

In the amendments to the Bankruptcy Code in 2005, Congress passed legislation to protect consumers against the sale of personal identifiable information (PII) by the debtor when it would violate that debtor’s privacy policy outside of bankruptcy ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - August 7, 2015

News from Black Hat and Defcon, the right to be forgotten expands, Internet case law and liability for software vulnerabilities ... (Read More)

New DoD health records will not be Epic - August 3, 2015

The DoD recently reported that they have awarded a $4.3 billion contract for their Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization program, including the choice and implementation of an electronic health record system ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 31, 2015

Internet balloons, smart mirrors, an investigation into hackback, and a tool to see how available your information is to hackers ... (Read More)

Spotlight on Research: Taxonomy of a Hacker - July 30, 2015

Cyber security planning may be finally coming together. The national government has revamped the Department of Defense with a focus on increased cyber security, the private sector has slowly begun to place cyber security issues at the forefront of their public relations campaign, and we have even seen the public and private sectors begin to work together. I believe the catalyst that led to these events was the Sony hack in 2014 ... (Read More)

Selling Privacy Warranties - July 28, 2015

After years of caring too little about the amount of personal data they share with commercial entities, consumers have become increasingly concerned. [1] Privacy and cybersecurity experts who have long been issuing warnings are now getting attention in the media ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 24, 2015

A car was hacked from across the country, EFF provides comments on the Waasenaar Arrangement, Ashley Madison user data hacked, satellites are providing new functionality to the internet, and Tales from the Sysadmin ... (Read More)

Will More Online Privacy Bring Micropayments Back? - July 22, 2015

What could motivate free sites to start charging micropayments? Privacy. If the majority of a site’s visitors are suddenly untrackable—virtually invisible to advertisers—or if it becomes legally complicated to track and store data on visitors, as has happened, and continues to happen, in the EU, advertising could become less economically viable than charging those anonymous hordes individually ... (Read More)

Spotlight on Research: Automobile Cybersecurity Policy - July 20, 2015

The vehicles used on American roads today have become extremely sophisticated.  They have Bluetooth and wireless capabilities and use computers for anything from engine performance analysis to onboard navigation.  Manufacturers can wirelessly monitor efficiency, update a vehicle’s systems, and even shut down the cars of customers who have not paid their loans.  The cars of today--and of the future--rely on computers ... (Read More)

Friday Cyber News - July 17, 2015

Darkode defeated, a plea to bring back the supremacy of the hyperlink, data privacy vs. international trade agreements, and how hackers will try to kill you in the future ... (Read More)

An Introduction to Cyber-Social Systems - July 15, 2015

What is a cyber-social system? And why does it matter? It’s hard to believe now that there were ever naysayers about the scope of the internet. Even as late as 1994, the New York Times ran a story cautioning that there may only be a few million users of the internet with, somehow, only about a million connected machines. Times have changed. Even a task as formerly simple and feasible to accomplish without computers as driving from Stanford to Berkeley now heavily involves cyber technology ... (Read More)