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Friday Cyber News, August 31 2018

Cyber technology-related news and links from around the web, for the week of 8/25 - 8/31:

1. "The Russian government discreetly funded a group of seemingly independent news websites in Eastern Europe to pump out stories dictated to them by the Kremlin." Inside a Russian online propaganda information, through Skype logs and documents seized by criminal investigators interested in how Russia planted its propagandists in Estonia. [Buzzfeed News]

2. Facebook has banned the accounts of military officials in Myanmar in an attempt to prevent the accused perpetrators of mass killings and ethnic violence from coordinating on the platform. [Verge]

3. The Senate Intelligence Committee will hear testimony from Jack Dorsey (of Twitter), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), and perhaps Larry Page (Alphabet) on how social media companies have responded to foreign influence operations on their platforms. [Reuters]

4. A lawsuit against Israeli-based spyware provider NSO group is revealing that UAE leadership requested--and were provided--surveillance of the Qatari emir, a Saudi prince, and a London-based Arab-focused newspaper. [NY Times]

5. The DOJ is worried that a loophole in CFAA wording means hacking voting machines that are not connected to the internet wouldn't be punishable under the Act. [Motherboard]

6.​ The USPS leaked security clearance forms for a former CIA agent running for Congress. [Politico]

7. Cybersecurity legislation to look forward(?) to in the fall: the secure elections act, renaming DHS' cyber office, and more attempts to break encryption on communication apps. [The Hill]

8. On the unintended consequences of algorithms that learn from their environments, with unpredictable effects, from self-driving cars that can't detect pedestrians to high-frequency-trading flash crashes and the targeting systems of armed drones. [Guardian]

9. Lloyd's of London has begun providing insurance coverage against cryptocurrency theft. [Coindesk]

10. Have a good Labor Day weekend. 

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