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Friday Cyber News: April 19 2019

Cyber technology-related news and links from around the web, for the week of 4/13 - 4/19:

This week's newsletter will be brief as we dig into the Mueller Report; speaking of which...

1. Coordination? Collusion? A cipher into which any meaning or conclusion can be read? The Mueller Report is out. [The Hill]

2. You're invited to respond to the UK's Online Harms white paper, a package of legislative and non-legislative measures proposed by the government to make companies more responsible for their users’ safety online. []

3. Buying Chinese-made hardware and misrepresenting it to clients, including the US military, as US-made, led to Fortinet agreeing to pay a $545,000 settlement to the US government. [Cyberscoop]

4. Everything you've wanted to know about layer-2 transactions in blockchain systems. [IACR]

5. Reflecting the broad and amorphous definition of AI, when companies outline principles of AI ethics and the virtuous use of machine learning, they end up applying to almost any technology. [Lawfare]

6. Sea Turtle DNS hijacking campaign compromised the top-level domains of several countries, mostly in the Middle East. [Wired]

7. The economics of online advertising: generalizing Vickrey's auctions to pay-per-click ads [Logic Mag]

8. Using JavaScript to perform unwanted computation in victims' browsers. [NDSS]

9. FAQ on the CLOUD Act from the DOJ, addressing its scope, purpose, and support for bilateral agreements to reduce conflicts between nations' laws. [Inside Privacy]

10. Facebook used users' data for leverage on companies it partnered with; had a rough past 15 months; and  [NBC; Wired]

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