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Co-Director Dan Boneh on Herzliya Cybersecurity Panel

Dan Boneh onstage at the Herzliya Conference
Gabriel Avner / Geektime

Co-Director Dan Boneh, along with CLTC Director Steve Weber, MIT IPRI Director Danny Weitzner, and Hewlett Cyber Initiative program officer Eli Sugarman traveled to Israel last week to speak at the annual Herzliya conference, on a panel devoted to cybersecurity. Run by the Institute for Policy and Strategy, the Herzliya conference has the mission of contributing to Israel’s national policy and to the upgrading of its strategic decision-making process. The Annual Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel’s National Security is the flagship of IPS activities.

Each of the grantees gave an overview of the viewpoint and activities of their intiative or center, and portions of their remarks were recorded, below: