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Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2018

January 24-26 2018, Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University

This conference will explore the use of formal methods, empirical analysis, and risk modeling to better understand security and systemic risk in blockchain protocols. We aim to foster multidisciplinary collaboration among practitioners and researchers in blockchain protocols, distributed systems, cryptography, computer security, and risk management. The talks and papers from the previous event in this conference series are available here

Conference Dates: January 24-26, 2018

Venue:  McCaw Hall, Arrillaga Alumni Center (326 Galvez St), Stanford University. Map

Thank you to our sponsors: 



Wednesday, January 24th

Speaker; Title Time
Byron Gibson; Introduction (bpase2018-intro-byron_1.pdf) 8:50 AM
Max Fang; Game Theory and Network Attacks: How to Destroy Bitcoin. Watch here. (20180124_bpase_game_theoretical_attacks_on_bitcoin.pdf) 9:00 AM

Charles Guillemet; State-of-the-art Attacks on Secure Hardware Wallets. Watch here.

9:40 AM


10:20 AM
Patrick McCorry; Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners. Watch here. 10:50 AM

Jonah Brown-Cohen et al.; Formal Barriers to Proof-of-Stake Protocols. Watch here. ( formal_barriers_to_proof-of-stake_protocols.pdf)

11:20 AM

Karl Floersch; Ethereum PoS: Casper FFG 2017 Chronicles. Watch here. ( ethereum_proof_of_stake_casper_ffg_2017_chronicles.pdf)

12:00 PM


12:40 PM

Elaine Shi; Thunderella: Blockchains with Optimistic Instant Confirmation. Watch here.

2:00 PM

Christopher Allen; Smart Signatures. Watch here.

2:40 PM


3:20 PM

Olaoluwa Osuntokun; Hardening Lightning. Watch here. ( hardening_lightning_updated.pdf)

3:50 PM
Florian Tramèr et al.; Enter the Hydra: Towards Principled Bug Bounties and Exploit-Resistant Smart Contracts. Watch here. 4:30 PM


Thursday, January 25th

Speaker; Title Time

Malte Möser, Arvind Narayanan; Cryptocurrency privacy: research-based guidelines for protocol designers. Watch here. 

9:00 AM

Russell O'Connor, Blockstream; Simplicity: A New Language for BlockchainsWatch here. ( slides-bpase-2018.pdf)     

9:40 AM
Break 10:20 AM

Pieter Wuille; Schnorr signatures for Bitcoin: challenges and opportunities. Watch here.

10:50 AM
Yonatan Sompolinsky; SPECTRE. Watch here. 11:30 AM
Cathie Yun; TxVM: A New Design for a Blockchain Virtual Machine. Watch here. (txvm_stanford_jan24.pdf; txvm.pdf) 12:10 PM


12:50 PM

Bram Cohen; Beyond Hellman’s Time-Memory Trade-Offs with Applications to Proofs of Space. Watch here.

2:00 PM
Ben Fisch; Verifiable Delay Functions: Applications and Candidate Constructions. Watch here. 2:40 PM


3:20 PM

Stefanie Roos; Settling Payments Fast and Private: Efficient Decentralized Routing for Path-Based Transactions. Watch here. ( sroos-settling-jan25.pdf)

3:50 PM
Rami Khalil, Arthur Gervais; Liquidity.Network and REVIVE: Secure Payment Hubs supporting 
Off-Blockchain Rebalancing. Watch here.
4:30 PM


Friday, January 26th

Speaker; Title Time

Benedikt Bünz; Bulletproofs. Watch here. ( bpase18.pptx)

9:00 AM

Will Martino, Stuart Popejoy; Chainweb: a Braided Parallel-Chain PoW Architecture for Massive Throughput. Watch here. (kadenachainweb-bpase18.pdf)

9:40 AM
Break 10:20 AM

Rebekah Mercer; Mobius. Watch here.

10:50 AM

Johan Pouwelse, Quinten Stokkink (; Trustchain. Watch here.

11:30 AM
Timo Hanke; DFINITY: Scalable consensus with threshold groups. Watch here. (bpase18_master.pdf) 12:10 PM


12:50 PM
Rapid-fire Talks and Announcements (during second half of lunch) 1:30 PM

Juan Benet; Filecoin: protocol overview, the important results, and new open problems. Watch here. ( filecoin.bpase-2018.compressed.pdf)

2:10 PM
Ben Fisch; Proof of Replication using Depth Robust Graphs. Watch here. (bpase_porep.pptx) 2:50 PM


3:30 PM
Karl Wüst; TLS-N: Non-repudiation over TLS Enabling Ubiquitous Content Signing. Watch here. (bpase18_tls-n.pdf) 4:00 PM

Michael Egorov; NuCypher KMS: Decentralized key management system. Watch here.

4:40 PM
(Optional) Women in Consensus networking event: For women in blockchain and their allies, this is the inaugural Women in Consensus event, held in conjunction with Stanford BPASE! This is a casual networking event to build community and support the formation of more organizations and events for women in our industry. Drinks and hors-d'oeuvres will be served. Sponsored by ( and organized in collaboration with BPASE'18. More information and RSVP here 6:30 - 9:30 PM



Program Chairs:

Dan Boneh (Stanford)

Joseph Bonneau (NYU)

General Chairs:

Allison Berke (Stanford)

Byron Gibson (Consultant)

Program Committee: 

Rainer Böhme (Innsbruck)

Christian Cachin (IBM Research Zurich)

Jeremy Clark (Concordia)

Bryan Ford (EPFL)

Yoichi Hirai (Ethereum Foundation)

Ari Juels (Cornell)

Shin'ichiro Matsuo (Georgetown University,

David Mazieres (Stanford, Stellar)

Andrew Miller (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Arvind Narayanan (Princeton)

Neha Nerula (MIT)

Olaoluwa Osuntokun (Lightning Labs)

Joseph Poon (Lightning Network,

Elaine Shi (Cornell)

Nick Szabo (Global Financial Access)

Dominic Williams (DFINITY)

Pindar Wong (HKUST)

Pieter Wuille (Blockstream)