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Announcement: Professor Dan Boneh welcomed as Co-Director of the Stanford Cyber Initiative

Dan Boneh headshot
Stanford News

The Stanford Cyber Initiative is pleased to announce that Dr. Dan Boneh, Motwani Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, has been appointed as Co-Director, joining Professor George Triantis. Professor Boneh is a world leader in cryptography and computer security. His work examines cryptosystems with novel properties, security for mobile devices, web security, and cryptanalysis. He is the author of over a hundred publications in the field, and has received awards for his work that include the Gödel Prize, the Packard Award, the Alfred P. Sloan Award, the RSA award in mathematics, the Ishii award for industry education innovation, and the ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in Computer Sciences, for his ground-breaking contributions to the development of pairing-based cryptography and its application in identity-based encryption. “In addition to bringing essential and unparalleled technological expertise to the leadership of the Initiative, Dan is an inspiration for our commitment to multidisciplinary solutions to the emerging issues raised by networked information in our society," notes Professor Triantis, the Charles J. Meyer Professor of Law and Business.


Professor Boneh has advised the Cyber Initiative since its inception, and joins as Co-Director to guide the Initiative’s research agenda and its industry expert outreach agenda. The Cyber Initiative is committed to producing policy-relevant research to optimize the integration of cyber technologies into our ways of life and inform debates about urgent cyber issues.


Expanding our leadership team through the addition of a preeminent research scholar bolsters our capacity to engage a broad research agenda and explore a variety of perspectives. We look forward to Professor Boneh’s leadership in our emerging community of scholars, and we’re grateful he has agreed to take on this role. Please join us in welcoming Professor Boneh.